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A fun fresh water world of slides and pools, uShaka's Wet 'n Wild caters for the adrenaline junkie and those less adventurous!

The Body Tornado

the body tornadoGet blown away with uShaka's newest and fastest slide. Take a deep breathe, hold onto your cozzie and get ready to speed through the tunnel before spiralling round the tornado bowl and down into the pool below. This is one ride you cannot miss!


Mamba Tunnel Slide

mamba tunnel slideWith the Mamba Tunnel ride, you're in for a thrilling experience! On entering the jaws of the dark cavern, you're taken on a rollercoaster ride around a host of curves at a gut wrenching speed!


Squid: Mini Supertube

squid mini supertubeReffered to by some as the washing machines, the Squid will suck you into its twist and turns before spitting you out into the pool below! Brace yourself, you're in for a spin!


Cuda: Supertube

cuda supertubeOne of the most popular rides among serious riders, the thrill of this ride will keep you coming back for more. Twists and turns await you, as you slip and slide in a wall of gushing white water.


Zoom Zoom: Multi Lane Racer

mamba tunnel slideFeel the need to race your friends? Then the Zoom Zoom Racer is for you! Challenge your family or friends (with a wager of course) and fly over humps, and almost lift off as you zoom towards the finish line.


Torpedo: Kamikaze Speed Slide

kamikaze speed slideDesigned for the speed freaks, you'll feel as if you're sliding on air! Let this ride take you to levels of excitement you've never experienced before!


Plunge: Free Fall Slide

plunge free fallThe ultimate speed slide, this ride plummets you towards the safety of the pool below! Cross your legs and remember to breathe!


The Drop Zone (the rush)

the drop zoneThe highest slide in Africa, this 18 metre drop is guaranteed to get the adrenalin pumping and your heart skipping a beat. Cross your legs, lean back and pray! P.S Wedgie alert


Jika Jika (Family Rafter)

jika jika slideDesigned for families or groups of people who want to share the experience together, the Jika Jika allows for up to 6 people to ride in the same raft. This one's for the more faint hearted!


Toti Splash (Kiddies Slide)

toti splashDesigned for your little one (6 years and under), this ride is a kids delight! (But don't worry we've made it wide enough for you to join in too!)


Fast River Ride (Pre-adventure)

fast river ride copyRush towards the Duzi river, whooshing through palm trees and twists and turns. Then slow it all down as you enter the final stretch into the Dizzy Duzi.


Dizzy Duzi (Adventure Ride)

dizzy duzi slideTake a leisurely ride in single or double tubes. Meander down the Dizzy Duzi whilst admiring the scenery of the waterpark, past the Seals, Penguins, Special tunnels and Waterfalls.


Adult Pool

adult poolRun out of steam and need a breather? Take time out from all the madness and spend some time lounging around the Adult Pool, catching rays. It is the ultimate relaxation area.


Party in the Pool DJ

party in the parkPack your designer swim suit, take out those sunnies and head to uShaka Marine World’s Wet ‘n Wild. Dance in the water and under the sun to music from popular local DJs and live performances.




Wet 'n Wild picture gallery

NOTE: Wet ‘n Wild is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays during off-peak season (peak season includes all public and school holidays)

For health and safety reasons, food hampers, braais and cooler boxes are not allowed within the uShaka Marine World premises.