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From Fear to Fascination with Dangerous Creatures!

The biggest and baddest!

The adventure happens in a "Zanzibar" warehouse filled with exotic reptiles from around the world which have been saved from a shipwreck.

You'll come face to face with some of the world's fastest and most poisonous snakes such as the king cobra and black mamba. Then there's the anaconda, the longest and heaviest snake in the world, and the Gaboon adder with the longest, most venomous fangs.

Black Throated Monitors aka The Dragons

new dragons tmb

The ever popular Dangerous Creatures exhibit at uShaka Sea World just got more exciting.

Our new Black throated monitors aka The Dragons! have finally arrived and they are another good reason to visit this special place. With their size and super personality- these new guys are a must to see – and they will be outside!!


Anaconda Photo Opportunity

new anaconda tmb

Get your photo taken with a more than life size giant anaconda at Dangerous Creatures. Take this amazing opportunity to have yourself pictured with the largest snake in the world.


The scorpion's secret code…….

Did you know that all scorpions have the ability to glow in the dark? Yes that’s right! It’s like their secret code whereby they can see each other but no one else can see them! Sometimes they glow more brightly than other times, and this is all linked to whether they have moulted or not. If they have moulted then they glow brighter…….

This ability to glow in the dark is just one of the amazing features that they have, so come on in and see for yourself at our Dangerous Creatures exhibition.


Spiders, Frogs, Lizards, Snakes...

The “creeps” continue with dart frogs, tarantulas, Gila monster lizards, which never let go once they bite down, false water cobra (of which there is only one in the country), goliath bull frogs, tree vipers and Taipan snakes.

The Argentinean equivalent of the Nile leguaan – a Tegu – is also on display, the only one of its kind in the country.

The 450 square-meter Dangerous Creatures has been billed as one of the best reptile exhibits in the world thanks to a vast technical team, Sea World staff, three herpetologists and Dr Mark Penning (director of SAAMBR - South African Association for Marine and Biological Research). Glass SA and PFG Glass have sponsored the special toughened glass to keep the creatures secure and visitors safe.

Dangerous Creatures is an adventure reptile enthusiasts and adrenalin junkies won’t want to miss! Find it in the Village Walk at uShaka Marine World.


Did you know?

Recently 3 Burmese Pythons came into Dangerous Creature looking a little sad and sorry for themselves.  Sea World's two Vets, Drs Penning and Pieterse were called to assess and all three were diagnosed with Pneumonia and two had a mite infestation as well.

Similar to humans, pneumonia presents itself with symptoms like runny nose, raspy breathing, phlegm in the lungs and nasal/layxny areas, and like us humans, when we have pneumonia they did not want to eat and have little interest in life around us.

Once their weights were established they were put on an appropriate dosage of Amikacin (antibiotic) and nebulised once every second day! The two with mite infestation were treated with biokill, which eliminates the mites which live beneath their scales and compromise their immune system.

As the weeks went passed their breathing became less laboured, they slowly regained their interest in life and food, and are now well on their way to a full recovery!


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    Dangerous Creatures is open all year round
    Monday to Sunday:
    09h00 to 16h30