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Lekker penguin

News from the Penguin Rookery...

Two weeks ago, two baby chicks hatched to parents Daiquiri and Ariel (Male and Female) who, although being good parents, were clearly only capable of raising one chick...


Shake Hands with the Ultimate Marine Survivor

PenguinMeet and shake hands with uShaka Marine World's Sleepy, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy and Sneezy – threatened blue blooded horseshoe crabs who recently arrived in Durban from Indonesia to make uShaka Sea World their new home.


Go Well Raphael II (20th April 2011)

It was a special morning for both Mea Trenor (Sea World) and young Raphael II, a small Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) who became a celebrity when he was brought into Sea World weighing less than 40 grams just over a year ago.


Easter Penguin Surprise!

It's not only chocolate that comes out of eggs around Easter Time – look what popped out of the eggs at uShaka Sea World.


World Wetlands Day - 2nd February 2011

Each year in February we celebrate our wetlands.


Meet Bowie, the Bowmouth Guitarfish

On the morning of 23rd February 2011, the Sea World Aquarium staff introduced a Bowmouth Guitarfish into the Open Ocean exhibit.


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