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Two Baby Penguins born in Sea world

Baby Penguins tmb

Penguins Ocean and Miracle who were both born at uShaka Marine World are now the proud parents of two tiny chicks.   Little Kola hatched on Monday 14th May after a lot of hard work and then just over 24 hours later little Kelp arrived.

Animal care giver Kelly de Klerk, took both chicks off the nest to weigh them and ensure that they were strong and had a good chance of survival.  She was absolutely delighted when they both appeared in perfect health and were making as much noise as they could possibly make.  This was a good sign as noise attracts attention from their parents and prompts feeding.  They will be carefully monitored to ensure that their parents, who are new at the parenting game, are able to adequately feed both the chicks.  If it is found that one of the chicks is not gaining enough weight, the smaller of the two will be offered  to foster parents.  We are confident Peanut and Puk, a female pair,  will make ideal foster parents as they have raised foster chicks in the past and already have a nest prepared.

Kola weighed 140gms and Kelp only 70gms  so Kelly put them both back in their parents nest – we will keep you posted on their progress and if all goes well they should be as heavy as their parents in less than three months.