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Storm - Ushaka Marine World's Baby Raggie

raggie swimminguShaka Marine World’s Baby Raggie, which we named Storm as she was born in the middle of a powerful thunderstorm on Saturday 9th March 2013, moved back into the Aquarium from Quarantine on Thursday afternoon.


Cownose Rays On Exhibit At uShaka Marine World

cownose raySix Cownose rays have been given the green light and will be introduced into the Rocky Reef Exhibit at uShaka Sea World during the third week of April 2013


uShaka Celebrates Another First Birth Of A Ragged Tooth Shark

ragged pup tmbOn Saturday 9th March 2013 one of the uShaka Sea World Education Centre staff stopped midsentence whilst in conversation with guests in the Aquarium as she noticed one of the female Ragged Tooth Sharks (Carcharias taurus) emitting a milky coloured substance into the Large Shark Exhibit.


Thorntail Pups from Ocean to Ocean

Thorntail Pups tmbOn Saturday morning (26th January 2013) visitors to uShaka Sea World watched one of the resident Thorntail rays in the Open Ocean Exhibit give birth to four precious little pups.


Butternut the Bearded Dragon

National Marine tmbCome meet our new little animal ambassador Butternut the Bearded Dragon. She is a year and a half old and we adopted her from the Lazy Lizard reptile rescue centre. She is already making appearances in uShaka Kids World for animal meet and greet sessions.


Dee Celebrates her 32nd Birthday

Dee birthday tmbOn Tuesday 19th June 2012  uShaka Sea World’s oldest Penguin, Dee is celebrating her 32nd Birthday.


Two Baby Penguins born in Sea world

Baby Penguins tmbPenguins Ocean and Miracle who were both born at uShaka Marine World are now the proud parents of two tiny chicks.   Little Kola hatched on Monday 14th May after a lot of hard work and then just over 24 hours later little Kelp arrived.


Thorntail Ray Pups

Thorntail pups tmbOn Sunday 6th May 2012 uShaka Sea World staff were unaware of the wonderful surprise that was awaiting them when they arrived at work.   One of the Thorntail rays in the Open Ocean Exhibit had given birth to two healthy pups just after 5am.


Thorntail Rays join Sea World family

thorntail ray tmbThis morning three Thorntail rays were introduced to the Open Ocean exhibit after spending just over three weeks in Quarantine.


Baby Gaboon Adders

Baby Gaboon tmbWhen the Dangerous Creatures staff arrived at work on the 15th February there were 3 little surprises waiting for them and 2 more to come.


Visit Napoleon at Sea World

Napoleon thbIn July 2011 staff members from KZN Wildlife brought an adult Green Turtle to the Rehabilitation facility at uShaka Sea World after he had been found stranded in a severely compromised condition on the beach just north of Sodwana Bay.


uShaka Marine World hoping for a World First

uSH events button raggieWorking together with wildlife documentary company Earth Touch, who are hoping to capture the birth of Ragged tooth shark pups on film we will claim another World First.


Shake Hands with the Ultimate Marine Survivor

PenguinMeet and shake hands with uShaka Marine World's Sleepy, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy and Sneezy – threatened blue blooded horseshoe crabs who recently arrived in Durban from Indonesia to make uShaka Sea World their new home.


Meeting the Ultimate Marine Survivor

TurtleIf you make your way to the Treasure Chest in the Aquarium you will meet and perhaps touch an ultimate survivor – ask one of the staff members on duty for them by name and then see if you are brave enough to connect with a living fossil.


Easter Penguin Surprise!

It's not only chocolate that comes out of eggs around Easter Time – look what popped out of the eggs at uShaka Sea World.


Meet Bowie, the Bowmouth Guitarfish

On the morning of 23rd February 2011, the Sea World Aquarium staff introduced a Bowmouth Guitarfish into the Open Ocean exhibit.



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