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Cownose Rays Moved To Turtle Lagoon

cownose rays smlThe eight Cownose rays which were introduced into the Rocky Reef exhibit in April 2013 have been moved to the Turtle Exhibit in the  Aquarium at uShaka Sea World.


Jimmy - The Bowmouth Guitarfish

Jimmy 2 rwIntroducing Jimmy, the 2.18m Bowmouth Guitarfish! Our newest arrival to the Aquarium, being introduced to the Open Ocean Exhibit on the 28th March 2014.


Selso's Diary

selso diary tmbKeep up to date with the story of Selso The Seal, as he swims the oceans after beig rehabilitated at uShaka Sea World.


Selso Cruises Home

selso cruise gwdSelso is a young 22-month old Southern Elephant Seal that underwent rehabilitation at uShaka Sea World in Durban, after being stranded in June of last year on a beach in KwaZulu Natal. 


New Year Pups

129 resized 2Five beautiful, thorntail stingray pups were born in our large open ocean exhibit during the early hours of the New Year. The staff have been trying to predict when this would happen once they had noticed that the mother was pregnant approximately three months ago.


Digit And Dumpling

penguins webDumpling and Digit are spending their last few days at uShaka Sea World as they prepare for their flight home.


Selso The Seal - Update

seal tmbSelso the Seal arrived at uShaka Marine World a few weeks ago in a very poor state. Follow the details of his recovery here


Baby Elephant Seal

baby elephant sealOver the weekend a young southern Elephant Seal (Mirounga leanina) washed up on the beach at Southbroom, severely underweight and thousands of kilometres from home.


New Turtle In Rehabilitation Centre

siyabonga turtleOn the 12th June 2013 a beautiful mature adult Hawksbill turtle arrived at uShaka Marine World for treatment.


Easter 2013 - A Conservation Message

Easter 2013 tmbEaster is all about mouth-watering chocolate delights wrapped up in colourful wrappers. Everyone loves Easter and all the joy and happiness associated with this special time of year.


Earth Hour 2013

earth hour 2013At 8:30pm on Saturday, 23 March 2013 we’re uniting with millions of people around the globe while switching off our lights for Earth Hour.


For The Love Of Frogs

valentines frog 2Staff at the Dangerous Creatures Exhibit in the uShaka Village have extended an invitation to guests on Valentine’s day to come and meet their frogs of love – the Giant Bullfrogs.


uShaka Sea World Hosts International Veterinarians

vetstudentsNatassia Bacco, who qualified at Pentificial Catholic University in Brazil and final year Tennessee University Veterinary student, Kim Lucy, are spending the month of February 2013 at uShaka Sea World.


Oscar the Water Monitor

oscar tmbA blog by Herpetologist Lesley Labuschagne.


10 Little Loggerheads Head Out To Sea

turtle release tmbEarly on Friday morning 18th January 2013 staff from uShaka Sea World, a cameraman from Yo Tv and a journalist and photographer from the Mercury headed 6 nautical miles out to sea off Durban’s Beachfront in a rubber duck with 10 young Loggerhead turtles on board.


Sea World Celebrates National Marine Week 2012

National Marine tmbOn Monday 8th October uShaka Marine World is hosting the National Launch of Marine Week. The week 8th – 12th October is dedicated to promoting awareness for the need to protect and conserve the marine environment.


Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

turtle rehab tmb v2Each year uShaka Sea World receives young turtles that have been being found washed up on the beach or stranded in rock pools.


International Beach Clean-up Day

beach cleanup tmbIt was clear from the moment the sun started to labouriously make its way through the grey mass of clouds on Saturday morning that our chances of attracting hundreds of volunteers for the 21st International Beach Clean-up were very slim.


Living Legends

Living legends tmbOn Saturday 8th September uShaka Marine World hosted a number of the 2012 eThekwini Living Legends Awardees..


14 Turtles Fly to Durban

14Turtes tmbJust after 17:00 on the 30th August 2012 14 little Loggerhead Turtles (Caretta caretta ) landed safely at King Shaka Airport. They were flown by British Airways from Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town to Durban.


Open Wide

Open Wide tmb

Dr Gerhard Steenkamp, a veterinary dental specialist, visited the uShaka Sea World dolphins and seals on Friday 17th August 2012.


Science Week

Science week tmb

Grade 9 learners from 17 schools in the EThekwini Metro are being hosted this week by the uShaka NPC Sea World Education Centre.


Happy 41st Birthday Gambit

Gambit 41st tmb

uShaka Sea World is proud to announce the celebration of Gambit’s 41st year.


The Oceanographic Research Institute

ORI tmbSometimes you might see the scientists getting ready to go on a field trip with cylinders, boxes, jars, and boats and other times they go on a field trip with nothing but a laptop and a camera.


St. Giles 60th Anniversary (28th May)

StGiles tmbSt Giles, which is situated on the border of uShaka Marine World, has been offering service and support to the handicapped of Durban since 1952.


Sea World achieves PAAZAB Accreditation

Pazaab tmbEarlier this month uShaka Sea World was once again awarded accreditation status by the African Association of Zoos and Aquariums (PAAZAB).


International Turtle Day (23rd May)

Int turtle day tmbuShaka Sea World is celebrating International Turtle Day on the 23rd May and invite you to join them.  Turtles have been around for over 200 million years and are symbols of our natural heritage sitting firmly in the middle of the food web.


International Day for Biological Diversity (22nd May)

Int Bio Day 2012 tmbIt’s really easy for the lucky people living on the East Coast of Southern Africa to celebrate Biological Diversity – especially those lucky enough to be living along the KwaZulu Natal coastline



Penguin Promises!

ush_penguin_releaseWe don't want your money honey, we want your love! “Penguin Promises” encourages people to make a promise to the penguins – something you can change about your environmental behaviour that will positively impact the endangered African Penguin.


Earth Hour 2012

Earth Hr 1012 tmb1On Saturday 31st March the world is celebrating Earth Hour between 8:30 and 9:30 pm. South Africans will again join over a 135 other countries by switching off their lights for this hour. It has become a great excuse to get together with family and friends.


Sea World launches the EcoHouse

EcoHouse tmb2The amazing animals at uShaka Sea World inspire us to love and care of our environment – but simply caring for animals is not enough – we need to know how to take action to slow the climate crisis


New Sea World Projects

uSH new animal attractionsThe Sea World team has been busy – with a whole range of exciting new exhibits and shows launched in time for season.


Children from the KZN Society for the Blind visit Sea World

PenguinOn Friday, 12th August 2011, nine very enthusiastic pre- school children from the KZN Society for the Blind and their fellow care-givers visited uShaka Marine World on a sponsored educational excursion. The children had spent the entire term learning about animals and their educators felt that it is time for them to visit Sea World for an up close and personal experience with some of the creatures found at Sea World.


Young Penguin Found Resting on KZN Beach

TurtleOn Tuesday 7th June a young penguin found itself in trouble and came out of the ocean to rest on a beach just north of Stanger. Sea World was contacted by residents of a local caravan park and drove up to fetch the young penguin.


Two African Penguins in Sea World’s Hospital Facility

PenguinBetween the 1st and 9th of July 2011 two stranded penguins found their way to the uShaka Sea World's Rehabilitation Centre.


India Heads Back to Sea

TurtleA young Hawksbill turtle was brought into Sea World on the 19th October last year after being found by KZN Wildlife staff member, Mary Peters on the beach at Kosi bay.


Kaluah the Green Turtle gets a Second Chance

TurtlesA Green turtle who became known as Kaluah was found about 2km's offshore from Umgeni on the 4th November 2010. Not only was she trapped in netting she had a very deep large wound on her plastron (shell) as well as on her left back flipper..


Penguin Promises! (23rd - 28th May)

ush_penguin_releaseWe don't want your money honey, we want your love! Penguin promises is "Waddling for a Week" to raise awareness for the plight of the African Penguin. They hope to inspire social change in human behaviour which will ultimately assist in the recovery of African Penguin numbers.


Go Well Raphael II (20th April 2011)

It was a special morning for both Mea Trenor (Sea World) and young Raphael II, a small Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) who became a celebrity when he was brought into Sea World weighing less than 40 grams just over a year ago.


New arrival in Sea World’s Quarantine Facility

On the 2nd of March 2011 a tiny hatchling was handed over to Sea World animal care staff by members of Calypso Diving.


Khethiwe Reaches for a Dream

Saturday 19th February 2011 was a big day for both little Khethiwe and Shannon Matcher. For Shannon, meeting a dolphin was something she had hoped for and dreamt about. For little Khethiwe it was a big moment as she had never interacted with a member of public before.


World Wetlands Day - 2nd February 2011

Each year in February we celebrate our wetlands.


Wasabi Update!

A while ago we told you all about our little jet setter, Wasabi, a young Green turtle who was rescued from Muizenberg Beach in Cape Town, and made quite an entrance, by plane no less!


A Dolphin Calf is Saved

At dawn on Friday morning (31st December) a newborn bottlenose dolphin was saved and returned to the wild after a holidaymaker in Herolds Bay found it trapped between the rocks metres offshore.


19 Little Loggerheads Head Out To Sea

On Thursday morning (28th October) a team of aquarists from uShaka Sea World and Two Oceans Aquarium headed 10 nautical miles out to sea off Durban into the Agulhas Currant with 19 young turtles on board.


International African Penguin Day 2 October 2010

Our little furry friends are in trouble, as their numbers are declining rapidly! In 2000 there were roughly 200 000 African Penguins, and by 2010 their numbers had decreased by 90%, leaving only 21 000 breeding pairs in the wild.


25th International Beach Clean Up

uShaka Staff participated in the 25th International Beach Clean Up on Saturday 18th September. Here are some results...


Lekker penguin

News from the Penguin Rookery...

Two weeks ago, two baby chicks hatched to parents Daiquiri and Ariel (Male and Female) who, although being good parents, were clearly only capable of raising one chick...


Wasabi arrives at uShaka Marine World's Sea World

In 1996 a young 300g Green turtle found herself stranded on the beach in Muizenburg in the Cape – a very long way from home.


Helping children fulfill their dreams

Reach For A Dream fulfils the dreams of children between the ages of 3 and 18 who have been diagnosed as having a life-threatening illness by a medical practitioner.


Rescuing our ocean’s animals!

A crucial element of uShaka Marine World is the rescuing and rehabilitation of our oceans animals at Sea World.


Outreach to disadvantaged communities

uShaka Marine World bring children to the sea life and the sea life to the children. With the help of sponsorship from NPC CIMPOR, uShaka Marine World help disadvantaged schools learn about our oceans animals.



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