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Mandela Day - 18 July 2014

Plastic pollution smallweb

Why not spend your Mandela 67 minutes helping marine creatures by cleaning up their home.

Fishing tackle left on the beaches by negligent fishermen harms marine animals like seabirds, dolphins, whales, fish and seals. Plastic left on the beaches by beachgoers is harmful to almost all marine animals and a threat to humanity as humans need to breath clean air in order to survive.

Plastic discarded on the streets inland finds it’s way into the ocean.

Spending 67 minutes walking along the piers and beaches along Durban’s golden mile picking up fishing line and plastic – what a wonderful way to spend your 67 minutes – healing the planet – healing the people.

If you are not going to be near the coast on Mandela day why not take some time out and spend your 67 minutes removing plastic litter from your nearest river or steam to prevent it ending up in the ocean.