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Sea World’s got some new friends!

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Last month, the shallow waters of uShaka Beach were gleaming with thousands of Cape Anchovies. This only presented our staff at Sea World with a unique idea - why don’t we introduce some of this silver beauties into the aquarium?

More than 20,000 anchovies were collected in specially designed plastic hoop bags and taken to into quarantine where they remained in a bath treatment to heal any scale damage.

Cape Anchovies are fast growing fish which reach a maximum size of 15cm and  mature between 1 and 2 years. They spawn along the South African coast from Western Cape up to Richard's Bay over an extended period from November to March. 

Although they are mainly found in the Western Cape, small shoals do migrate as far as KwaZulu-Natal in summer.  

This is the first time uShaka has managed to display anchovies and their captivating large shoaling behaviours are both mesmerising and exciting to watch!

You will find them in both the Shark Exhibit and a smaller exhibit outside Treasure Chest.

Be sure to spend some time with your camera - Post to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages with your photos of our new fishy friends!

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