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News: 4 Thorntail Stingray Pups Released

Oh Baby
uShaka Sea World Aquarist Jamie-Lee Swartz

Four thorntail stingray (Dasyatisthetidis) pups which were born in the Open Ocean Exhibit at uShaka Sea World last Friday (16 March) were released off Vetches Pier in Durban  beach this week.

These 40cm-wide pups, all of which are miniature replicas of their mum, are fully independent from birth and designed to survive on their own. The uShaka Aquarists monitored the quadruplets in the exhibit over the weekend and as all four were reported to be in good health, they were deemed fit for release.

The uShaka Sea World divers gently lifted the pups out the exhibit after which they were weighed and measured before being taken down to the beach. Vetches Pier was chosen as an ideal release site because not only does it offer the pups protection from large predators, it also provides an ideal feeding ground for newborn rays who feed mainly on mussels, crabs and other crustaceans.