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Promotion: Save the Frogs

uShaka Save The Frogs

Just in case you’re keen to kiss some frogs (maybe princes) this Valentine’s month, uShaka Marine World will be hosting a two day educational promotion to save the frogs. Our environmentalists are keen to share some interesting facts on frogs and advise on how you can protect them.

When: 24 & 25 Feb 2018.

Where: Dangerous Creatures

Cost: R35 per person
(Children under 3 enter free)

Terms & conditions apply.

uShaka Marine World Is Celebrating National Frogs Day on the 24th and 25th February!

To highlight these remarkable creatures a display will be set up in Arena 2 just outside Dangerous Creatures in the Village Walk, where herpetologists and conservationists will be delighted to share their love and respect for frogs with you as well as show you some of our favourite local frogs.

To celebrate frogs, admission to Dangerous Creatures over this celebratory weekend is only R35.00 per person. Children under 3 enter free of charge.

For those who don’t know frogs are an essential part of many ecosystems providing direct benefits. Frogs feed on a variety of insects such as mosquitoes which helps protect us from diseases like malaria.

Because frogs have highly permeable skin (they can breathe and even drink through their skin), making them vulnerable to toxins both on land and in the water. This means that if frogs in our environment are unhealthy so is our environment. Seeing a lot of frogs around is a sure sign of a healthy environment.

South Africa has over 115 different species of frogs and of these, 15% are listed as threatened or endangered. So whilst South Africa enjoys a very rich amphibian biodiversity we need ensure that we care for frogs so that they can continue to care for us.

For more information contact uShaka Marine World on (031)328-8000.