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uShaka's Top 5 Burgers

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Buns, beef patties, BBQ sauce.

The three B’s of life that comprise the one guilty pleasure that unequivocally and absolutely fulfils our inner foodie souls: BURGERS – a timeless staple on every respectable food checklist.

At uShaka, we have a wide range of buns, beef and burgers. So we made a list of our top 5 perfect patties – Which one’s your favourite?

1. Please Sir, Can I Have Some Moyo?
Ke Nako! It is time... to experience an authentically (South) African burger.
With a bun made out of pumpkin and sweet potato, it doesn't get more local than this. 180 grams of homemade beef or boerie join the shindig with hand-cut, still-got-the-skin-on potato chips to make up the OG South African burger.

uSh top7 burgers moyo v1.2

2. King Steer!
Yes, it may be a fast-food takeaway joint, but there ain't nothing better than taste of the Steers Thousand Islands sauce lathered across a steaming King Steer burger patty, topped with gherkins, tomato and lettuce.
Go all out and combo that ish up with a medium chips and a Coca-Cola! 

uSh top7 burgers steers v1.1

3. Burgers for Brekkie. Shameless.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner come to life in burger form with Wahooz’s selection of locally curated buns.
See flames at breakfast with the Wahooz Burger - bacon, cheese, onion, tomato and lettuce  enveloped in a fresh sesame bun.
Ride the surf, chow the brekkie bun. Boom!

uSh top7 burgers wahooz v1.4

4. Flame-grilled For Life
Spur has been around foreveerrrrrrr - and we like it that way.
Choose from the Hawaiian, which includes a tantalising piece of pineapple and sweet mayo, or the testosterone-fueling Spare Rib burger. Bump up the heat by adding a creamy cheese, peri-peri or pepper steak sauce!

uSh top7 burgers spur v1.3

5. The Steaks Are High
Okay, so the Cargo Hold Restaurant may not have any beefy buns on the menu, but their selection of char-grilled steaks are too bomb to leave out - think of it as a banting-inspired 'burger without the bun'!
Grilled to perfection, choose from a selection of fillet or sirloin steaks, ranging from 200g to 400g, complimented with a side of french fries, creamed potatoes, creamed spinach, or if you're keeping it low-cal, a side salad.

uSh top7 burgers cargo hold v1.5